TESL Ontario 2015


Web hosting

Please open Weebly.com and create an account. We will use this service as our hosting tool. Weebly is user-friendy and mobile-friendly service offering WYS-WYG interface.

QR-code generator

QRStuff.com is a tool that we will use to create QR-codes. The tool encodes information such as url addresses, text or phone numbers into a graphical representation: a QR-code.

QR-code readers

Please download and install the QR-code scanner appropriate for your phone. Below are links to the QR-code readers for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows.

GooglePlayQR-code Scanner for iOSQR-code Scanner for iOSQR-code Scanner for iOS

Action Plan

  1. Download apps and create accounts with Weebly
  2. QR-code demo
  3. What is QR-code?
  4. Pedagogy and QR-codes
  5. Examples in the ESL practice
    • QR-codes in the classroom
    • QR-codes in activities outside
    • QR-codes for a community building and engagement
  6. BREAK (15 min)
  7. Hands-on session
    • Use youtube to create short video
    • Build content with Weebly
  8. How QR-codes can be generated?
  9. How QR-codes can be read by mobile devices?
  10. Hands-on QR-code
  11. Print and Play