Mobi-Learning Inc.

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Mobi-Learning Inc. offers wide range of services for educational institutions and corporations that cover consulting, custom solutions design and development, data analysis, teaching and training.


custom solutionsConsulting

The diverse expertise of our consulting group allows us to offer a wide variety of custom services to suit your requirements. We can help you if you are looking for expertise in:

  • curriculum development
  • design and development of on-line and mobile courses
  • identifying and selecting appropriate mobile education tools and solutions
  • technical expertise in mobile and cloud computing
  • professional development including technology-assisted teaching and training workshops and programs

Please see the About page for more on our unique expertise bridging technology and education to create successful educational solutions and how this can be beneficial for you.

teaching and trainingCustom Solutions

To satisfy your specific requirements and context, we start with a rigorous needs analysis, followed by the design, development and implementation of a mobile learning solutions that is customized uniquely for the needs of your organization. Alternatively, we may suggest an existing solution that we can set up or modify to your needs.


teaching and trainingData Analysis

Knowledge is power and it comes from knowing your data. Our team helps you with collecting data (e.g., building surveys) as well as with data analysis both quantitative and qualitative.

teaching and trainingTraining & Teaching

Our qualified and experienced instructors visit your organization and offer hands-on training to your staff. We have a team of instructors proficient in the area of instructional design, design and development of educational applications, programming, and educational technologies. Some of the most popular sessions include:

  • Mobile education – tools and solutions (overview of available solutions)
  • Introduction to mobile development (Android and other platforms)
  • Database use and administration (mysql)
  • Introduction to Java (or PHP, C++, C#)
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Web apps for mobile (using PhoneGap)
  • Open-source content management (using WordPress)
  • Introduction to cloud services
  • Design of mobile instructional solutions

We can also arrange workshops and webinars within other related areas; if you don’t see what you want, do not hesitate to ask for it!