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Przemyslaw (Pshemek) Pawluk

Przemyslaw Pawluk
Przemyslaw Pawluk, Vice-President
I am Przemek, the one with unpronounceable name. As a vice-president of Mobi-Learning Inc I am responsible for technological aspects of our solutions. In three words I am a teacher, a researcher and a developer. In each area trying to mix theory and practice.

Since 2011 I am professor in School of Technology at George Brown College teaching mobile and web development. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see “my students” successfully entering a job market in Ontario.

I enjoy mixing theory and practice. While being student in Wroclaw I have been working as developer. Thanks to that, graduating from Wroclaw University of Technology and Blekinge Institute of Technology I had experience in various technologies and domains (telecommunication at Siemens, GIS at Geotechnologies, banking at Lukas Bank). Working in these companies I had an opportunity to observe, learn and take an active part of each phase of the development process: from design through development to tests. Now, I can apply this knowledge and experience in the projects conducted by Mobi-Learning Inc and GBC.

With the appearance of new technologies such as Cloud and Mobile many concepts, that seemed impossible barely few years ago, now are brought to life. Mobi-Learning is one of the venues through which I share my passion and expertise, contributing my understanding of technology and experience in software engineering.

My research is focused on two areas: cloud computing and mobile education. The first one is a result of the research I do as a PhD candidate in the Computer Science program. My interest in the later one grew during my work at GBC and cooperation with Aga and Daniel. I hold a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology (Wroclaw, Poland) and Blekinge Institute of Technology (Ronneby, Sweden). I have published several research articles pertaining to software engineering, data quality, cloud computing and mobile education.

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