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Agnieszka Palalas, EdD

Aga Palalas
Dr. Agnieszka (Aga) Palalas, President

I am an educator and innovator. I thrive on change and opportunities it brings along. In my professional life, I have been exploring, for over two decades now, emerging approaches to teaching and learning as well as innovative technologies that enrich the teaching–learning relationship. I’ve been seeking educational solutions that afford empowering and engaging learning experience resulting in acquiring new knowledge and skills. It has been my goal to demonstrate to my students and colleagues that learning can be fun, satisfying, and effective, and that, at the same time, it can become a lifelong habit.

With the advent of mobile technologies, new opportunities opened up taking knowledge building and especially experiential situated learning to new heights. Hence, I have been actively researching and developing mobile learning solutions and sharing the results of that work with other people. One of the venues through which I have been sharing my expertise and passion is Mobi-Learning Inc., where I get to contribute my understanding of pedagogy, technology, and adult learners’ needs.

I also work as a Mobile Learning Consultant and teach m- learning courses and MOOCs (e.g., graduate level courses at the University of New Mexico and Athabasca University, Mobiles for Development MOOC). I have worked on a variety of m-learning projects, including an international initiative in Ghana, Africa: Mobile and E-Learning Solutions to Reduce Critical Health Disparities in Ghana.  I  worked as a Mobile Learning Specialist at George Brown College, Canada, where I was in charge of numerous m-learning initiatives and research projects. I’ve been working with students and faculty to integrate innovative pedagogies and technologies in mobile and blended learning contexts. In my over 20 year experience as an educator, I have also taught adults in the classroom and online, reviewed and designed curriculum, provided professional development, worked as a programmer and instructional designer, as well as led research projects. I have considerable experience teaching languages and developing ESL materials and solutions.

I hold a Doctor of Education degree from Athabasca University. In my doctoral work, I concentrated on the effective design of mobile-assisted language learning solutions. My other research interests include emerging approaches to teaching and learning, as well as formal and informal learning practice using innovative technologies. I’ve been active in local and international mobile learning and second language learning associations and been a regular presenter at professional conferences. I have published several articles pertaining to mobile learning and will continue sharing my knowledge of innovative teaching and learning in person and through the web.

You can find me at many online locations:
Mobile learning hub:
Twitter: @agaiza