Minimal Pairs


This pronunciation app has been designed to aid with spoken English practice. It is the first one in a series of apps created by Mobi-Learning Inc. which aim to help practice English pronunciation. It is designed for both students and teachers who want to use it as a teaching resource. It focuses on learning and practicing minimal pairs at the time and place of learners’ choosing.



Minimal pairs are pairs of words or phrases in a particular language, which differ in only one phonological element and have distinct meanings. Minimal pairs often cause trouble for foreign language speakers; in fact, lots of time and effort is usually spent on the practice of minimal pairs in the English language classroom.   Our mobile application is designed to help learners discriminate between different sounds and meanings. The Minimal Pairs app is the first app that offers focused practice on English minimal pairs. It is an essential tool for practicing this important feature of the English language. Your students and employees can become more aware of their difficulties with pronunciation and hence improve it by practicing these pairs whenever wherever using our simple yet effective MinimalPairs app. An easy-to-use navigation and instructions ensure that all English language learners, from basic to advanced, can engage in this essential pronunciation practice.

Sound chart

scAn interactive phonemic chart: a list of sounds with their phonetic glyphs and example words for each sound illustrated with images. It allows the learner to listen to the sounds in isolation as well as hear the sound in an example. In addition, Minimal Pairs offers to the learner a visual stimuli and comprehension support by showing illustrations for the example words. It includes all the sounds of English vowels, consonants and double-vowels (diphthongs).


learning A list of minimal pairs illustrated by images and audio. It allows the learners to “train their ear” in discriminating similar sounds in pairs of words. The user can learn through simple listening, reading and writing activities. The filter option allows focus on a combination of sounds selected by the user, or random sounds can be practiced. The built-in list contains over 170 words matched in 95 pairs illustrating 19 contrasts. Additional libraries can be purchased.

Practice and Quizzes

Test Our practice and quizzes allow you to practice and assess the newly acquired English pronunciation skills. At the end of each attempt, the learner has a chance to review answers as well as share the results through social media. Different practice and quiz modes are available integrating listening, reading and writing skills. User can customize some quiz options in Settings. Learners are challenged to learn while having fun.


stats You can monitor your progress with statistics that show you your daily performance as well as details on your attempts.


tincan MinimalPairs can be easily integrated with any LRS providing basic HTTP authentication (OAuth will be added soon) giving educators a chance to monitor the learners’ progress.

Component-based mobile learning architecture

The component-based mobile learning architecture (CMLA) is a highly flexible m-learning solution allowing educators to incorporate m-learning applications and compose their learning programs from various components. The back-bone of the CMLA solution is a Learning Record Store (LRS) and the Experience API (xAPI). LRS collets reports on the learner’s experience with components reported through xAPI calls.

The Minimal Pairs app is a simple component of the CMLA model adopted by Mobi-Learning Inc. If you are an ESL teacher and your organization supports xAPI, you can easily include Minimal Pairs in your curriculum and practice listening discrimination on the go.