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It’s a social world

social media penetration 2013
Social media penetration in 2013,
Source:; Social, digital, and mobile worldwide. February 2013. p. 9

Get connected to connect

Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide. Moreover, it’s not just young people using social networking anymore–it’s everyone!
Social networking sites nowadays reach 82 percent of the world’s online population, representing 1.2 billion users around the world. The social networking adoption trend largely mirrored the global Internet adoption curve, and grew proportionately, showing that as people began to get connected to the network, they immediately began connecting with one another.

Canadian market

As shown by the Statista, in Canada 50% of the population use access social network sites and the number is projected to grow only by 17% by 2017 due to already rather high levels of social networks penetration.