We provide superior training and professional development solutions that ensures capacity building and enhance the performance of your organization. We specialize in mobile and blended approaches to teaching and learning.


Our Vision

To provide innovative pedagogically-sound mobile learning solutions enabling flexible personalized learning. Our mobile learning products offer the benefits of engaging practice situated in a relevant real-life context, on-demand access to resources and supports, and high level of interactivity with the network of learners and experts as well as with the content.

Our Mission

To provide a range of innovative mobile learning products and services to support student-centered learning while expanding instruction and practice outside the classroom.

This mission is achieved through:

  • Designing and developing innovative pedagogically-sound apps and authoring tools for teachers and students
  • Providing support for our products and expertise on effective mobile learning solutions and approaches
  • Offering mobile learning consultation to teachers, instructional designers, curriculum designers, managers and executives
  • Staying current with significant research in the realm of teaching and learning as well as mobile technologies

Our Approach

We see mobile learning not as a standalone process, but as an integrating force combining various aspects of learning. Our goal is to integrate all of them in our solutions making true learning possible on-the-go.

We understand the importance of social interactions and sharing of the learning experience. For that reason we give our users an option to share their results and activities on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Our solutions are also xAPI (TinCan) ready implementing the Experience API (xAPI).

Our Network

To serve our customers better, we maintain a network of professional connections through membership in various associations such as:

Mobi-Learning Inc. is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.