Mobi-Learning Inc.

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Mobi-Learning Inc. - Your Solution

Mobi-Learning Inc. is a unique Toronto-based company that provides superior training and professional development solutions to ensure capacity building and enhance the performance of your organization. We specialize in mobile and blended approaches to teaching and learning.


Mobi-Learning Inc. provides a range of innovative mobile and blended learning products and services to support student-centered learning while expanding instruction and practice outside the traditional classroom. We employ innovative delivery methods, tools and approaches customized to your learning and training needs.


In Mobi-Learning Inc. we see learning and training not as a standalone process, but as an experience of knowledge building and skills acquisition which is integrated with real-life practice and supported by the use of relevant technology. Our goal is to integrate theory and practice as well as formal and informal learning.

Engagement and Empowerment

Mobi-Learning Inc. uses innovative technologies to engage and empower learners by offering learning and training that is relevant to their specific needs and contexts. We design our workshops, courses, programs and training events using methods that promote active discovery and experimentation, draw learners’ curiosity and creativity, accommodate and celebrate individuality and personalized learning, integrate innovative technologies, as well as motivate learners through activities that allow time for individual exploration, reflection and practice.